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Beautiful relaxing music for stress relief. This instrumental music can be used as sleep music, study music and Etc.


who we are

Our Mission

MUSIVENE strives to achieve Wellness in the people Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually through a set of practices improving cognitive functions and bringing in confidence congruence, and vibrance through the use of Music Interventions.

Every step progressed in the right direction and touching and improving the lives of people brings fulfillment for both the people and the company.

The ability to listen is the ability to be silent, which brings harmony within and around us too. Success according to us is nothing but seeing the smiles and their ability to take life as it comes and TRANSMUTE even the most adverse situation and convert it into opportunities.

By the use of Certain Music and through cognitive processes an individual is directed upon committing to a particular course of action. It is defined as PURPOSIVE STRIVING and is one of the primary human psychological functions. These processes can be applied consciously or subconsciously and they can be automatized as habits over time.

Music Improves Health
Music Makes You Happier
Music Reduces Depression
Music Helps You Sleep Better
Music Improves Relationship
Music gives Peace in mind
Veena Maestro Late Dr Chittibabu - Father / Mentor of our founder

Our Mentor

Dr. Chitti Babu was born on the 13th of October 1936 in Kakinada, A.P.
The only child of late Shri Challapalli Ranga Rao and Sundaramma, he started learning Veena at the tender age of five and gave his first full fledged concert at the age of twelve and gained recognition as a child prodigy. He is the disciple of Late Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Emani Sankara Sastry.
A brief sojourn in the filed of film music during which he had also scored music for a few films preceded his foray into the filed of classical music. The exquisite tonal quality and sheer versatility that have been the magical hall-marks of this genius have taken him to dizzy heights in his chose path. His music has transcended beyond man make barriers taking him and along with him, a part of our rich cultural heritage to almost every corner of the globe.

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Health Benefits of Music

Music can improve mood, decrease pain and anxiety, and facilitate opportunities for emotional expression

We Leave Lasting Impressions


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Body builder and fitness coach

My best wishes to Mr . Sundar C Babu .

I’ve heard the music and continue to listen to it very regularly during my bedtime . It relaxes me in an instant and keeps me fresh in the morning when I wake up.

I’m a fitness instructor and Mr.Chennai , Mr Tamilnadu Body building Champion and also known Sundar C Babu for more than a decade and coached him in his physical fitness goals . And ,now I am also getting my mental and emotional states relaxed through his music.

He is very popular in commercial Cinema as a renowned Music Director and his passion to serve people through this music is very commendable .



Body builder and fitness coach

Music Producer in South Indian Industry

My name is L.J.Vijay, I’m a Music Producer in South Indian Industry,
I came to know about this Music Intervention Process and I gave a try listening to it before sleeping for continuously five days to check the result whether its working or not! Surprisingly without any doubt, I got control over my thoughts, started feeling more elite and I’m able to enjoy my surroundings with clear thought process and happiness. This music has a power to make your brain more productive and make you think in a different perspective and trust me if you’re dealing with anxiety, self-doubts or any other negative feelings I highly recommend you to take this ( MIP ) Music Intervention Process and change your life forever! Thank you for making my life awesome.



Music Producer in South Indian Industry


Our wishes to Mr Sundar C Babu

It was an absolute pleasure to know Mr Sundar C Babu , an extremely talented music director. Our acquittance goes for along time . We have had an opportunity to do a project as well with him . He is an absolute pleasure to work with. Knowledgable , musically talented, sound knowledge in many genres of music, superb grip on rhythm and a deep knowledge on the Vibration properties of music.

His musical thoughts flows like the rivers flowing and producing an amazing pattern of music , taking the mood of listeners to different aspects of life.

He has given us many super hits in film music also

our association with Sundar sir will continue for ever. Wishing him always the best



Senior Consultant UroOncologist and Robotic Surgeon
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unbelievable relaxing music for stress relief. This instrumental music can be used as sleep music, study music and Etc.

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